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June 20, 2007



oh, i wish that i could come to your sale, what fun! i'll be watching, so please keep posting some more great vintage eye candy!


Hi ! Got your name/blog url from Joy.. (vintagerabbit)..she said to 'check you out' hehehehe
I live in Murrieta!! How Cool is that?? I will definately try to get to the Barn sale this weekend.. looks like LOTS of yummyness there!!!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Wish I can be there...but I will need details!!!
LOTS of pictures!!!!


I happened upon your blog by way of PresentPst Collection! I live in Murrieta and plan on attending your Barn sale! What fun!! Your blog is just delightful and inspiring!
Blessings to you!!


Gosh I wish I would have seen your blog a week earlier. I would have been at your barn sale. When will the next one be???

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